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Fun Flyers
Located a few miles from Estacada, Oregon. We have fun flying helicopters and fixed wing model aircraft, both liquid fueled and electric. Our goal is to have fun and be safe. Anything that is not fun (politics, personal gripes, etc. is to be avoided).

RC info
Your complete RC flying guide This site, RC Airplane World, makes things easy for you by showing you your best options for getting started in this exciting pastime. Through this site you'll learn all about the hobby; what's involved, how much it'll cost you, which aircraft you should and shouldn't buy to learn on, how you can learn to fly RC safely, and much more too. You'll also discover exactly why the hobby has become so popular in recent years.



Polkstation Rail Model Railroad Club

Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association

Sanderson Field RC Flyers (SFRCF)

Clark County Radio Control Society


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