'76 Ford F-150 Pickup

'76 Ford F-150 Pickup


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The SCA-1E LWB 1976 Ford F-150

1976 was a good year. Concord entered commercial service, NASA unveiled its first Space Shuttle, Apple was formed by Steve Jobbs, Rocky was on the cinema and Jaws swept the awards at the Oscars. Punk was officially born, and Disco continued to fill the charts and nightclubs. Despite high inflation, the mood was both rebellious and optimistic, the working man still needed a versatile workhorse of a vehicle, with large payload in its flatbed, and both on and off-road capability.

Now Carisma Scale Adventure offer you the chance to own a classic 1976 F-150, accurately reproduced on the new SCA-1E LWB Chassis and second generation SCA-1E RTR platform.
With its new CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) and forward battery pack position, improved upper shock mounts with new design Chrome true Beadlock wheels and deep tread soft compound multi-terrain tyres, the new F-150 not only looks accurately detailed, it also performs well on any terrain, urban, off road or on rocks.

The Photo-realistic F-150 body includes chrome wipers, front and rear bumpers, highly detailed split design grille and chrome wing mirrors.

As with all SCA-1E based models, the versatility of the chassis and component layout also allows owners to tailor not only the look, but also the performance of the chassis and components too. The transmission can be flipped to further aid weigh bias, the front and rear wheels weighted to adjust weight bias,and the new ARC ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) offers a finer throttle response and better low-end finesse.

The ARC unit has new Scale Adventure Protection Protocols, is also 2s LiPo compatible, and has programmable descent/drag brakes, is trail ready and waterproof.

The package is supplied as a true RTR, including FHSS 2.4GHz radio gear, and AA batteries, A NiMH stick pack, and safe USB trickle charger.

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