Berna Assemblers Master Clamps


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These revolutionary super strong clamps allow you to apply up to 200 lbs. of pressure to your workpiece without damage! Unlike trditional clamps, where the force is applied by turning a screw, Master clamps give you complete control of the clamping force. this patented lightweight design uses space-age materials: carbon fiber beams, Polycarbonate Jaws, and silicoe Jaw buffersl. Create your own customized clamping/jig system!

Beams can be extended with connectors to span large workpices.

Helping Hands and multiple jaws can be used to make a jig

Use as a spreading tool by reversing jaws o the beam.

Master clamps are ideal for furniture making, cabinetry repairs, restorations, and modeling, including airplanes, boats, dollhuses and more!