Park 370 Brushless 5400Kv

Park 370 Brushless 5400Kv


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Key Features

  • Includes a 10T and 12T pinion gear for use with a 6.6:1 or 5.33:1 gearbox
  • Slotless 2-pole design
  • Prop adapter and gold-plated connectors included
  • Adapter plate included for mounting to GWS- and E-flite-style gearboxes
  • Excellent Motor for small airplanes weighing 10–14 oz (280–400 g)
  • Great upgrade for Speed 280 and Speed 370 applications

Needed To Complete

12 - 25A Brushless ESC
6.6:1 or 5.33:1 gearbox
9x4.7 to 12x6 Prop
7.4V 2-Cell 1200-1320mAh LiPo (2-cell Li-Po is recommended)


Get better and more efficient performance for sport and
aerobatic park flyers.