Control Surface Deflection Meter
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Control Surface Deflection Meter


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An Easy, Inexpensive Way to Maximize Flight Performance.

Avoid control problems in the air — check control throws on the ground with the AccuThrow Control Surface Deflection Meter from Great Planes. Once it’s attached, simply align the “0” mark on the ruler with the edge of the control surface. Deflect it from your radio, and you'll know in seconds if it's in “spec” or in need of adjustment. Great for setting up dual rates, too.
  • Perfect for setting up dual rates.
  • Unique design provides the easiest, most accurate measurements.
  • Works with most models, from trainers to jets, with control surfaces up to 5 in. wide.
  • Rubber feet grip securely while protecting the airplane's finish.
  • Curved ruler matches the controls’ motion for precise readings in standard and metric scales (up to 2 in. or 51 mm).