Servo Arm Assortment

Servo Arm Assortment


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Key Features

  • A total of 4 arms inccluded
  • 1 x long half arm, 1 x medium half arm, 1 x short half arm and 1 x medium full arm (double arm)

Compatible Products

ParkZone Servo Arm Assortment (3W & 5W) PKZ1132 is compatible with EFL2725, EFL3100E, EFL3180, EFL3700, EFL3750, EFL5575, EFLR7130, EFLR7140, HBZ7100, HBZ7400, HBZ8100, HBZ8100B, HBZ8100D, HBZ8100E, HBZ8180B, HBZ8180D, PKZ1060, PKZ1061, PKZ1070, PKZ1071, PKZ1600, PKZ1700, PKZ6580