Top Gun F-14 Tomcat (Easy Click)

Top Gun F-14 Tomcat (Easy Click)


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The F-14 Tomcat became a real legend at the latest with the 80s film "Top Gun". Director Tony Scott staged the swing-wing fighter in such spectacular flight manoeuvres that the Tomcat is still the epitome of the Navy aircraft for many today.

    • Movable swing-wing fighter
    • Chassis replica
    • Armament

Handicraft fun with great results for everyone from 10 years on. The innovative easy-click-system guarantees quick success: Multicoloured, precisely manufactured components are connected in a stable way by simply plugging them together and decorated with stickers. Painting is not necessary! Optionally, the model can be additionally painted and thus becomes a very personal unique specimen. A recommendation with up to 5 colours is included in the building instructions.