Educational Projects

At Hillsboro Hobby Shop we are dedicated to the promotion of and learning by new hobby enthusiasts. Hobby shops, by definition, supply materials, direction and support to identify, plan and build hobby projects with the intent of adding value and knowledge to those who want to build and learn. Schools, Scouts, and clubs are our focus.

We carry a wide range of products and materials to support most projects from beginning to end. Projects can vary from the simple to very complex. Planning, direction, materials and tools for these projects are our specialty. Many of these projects can develop into larger and more complex projects allowing you to test out your ideas and theories in small increment’s and assemblies, before spending the big money.

There is an extensive stock of different woods, including balsa wood, in various shapes and sizes to create mock ups. Metals, plastics, carbon fiber, wire, motors, and batteries are among the many products in stock to help with building your projects.

To assemble your project, we have an extensive inventory of glues like cyanoacrylate (super glue), epoxy, hardware, fasteners, clamps, files, drills, measuring tools, screw drivers saws and cutters. For finishing, we have sandpaper, and an extensive inventory of paints and primers for most materials and finishes. 

Building bridges is a popular and educational project supported by our local schools. The objective is to design and build a bridge with the constraint of using a maximum of 40 grams of balsa wood, at 42 centimeters overall length. To receive an “A” the builder must put together a structure that supports 100 pounds. Students can learn about strength of materials, structures, types of wood and glues. It starts with learning about how wood density and the type of cut from the log greatly impact the ability of the bridge to support the load. The shape and structure of the bridge are the next big factor in the design. The type of glue and the method of applying it also come into play.

Pine Car Derby is a great way to work with your kids and students. We carry a full line of Boy Scout legal pine car kits and accessories. This is a great way to learn about building a vehicle that will compete effectively in the derby. Speed and building tips are just a question away, or get a book on how to.

Rockets can be purchased separately, or as an educator pack making it more economical for larger groups. We have Designer kits for those who want to get creative and build their own. Classes, supported by the Oregon Rocketry Club, are available to sign up for.

Science Fair projects are another specialty for us. We have advised and supplied materials on many winning science projects. There is nothing better than watching a young student come up with an idea and taking it to fruition. We also carry magazines and resource material to help in the design and build process.

Conestoga Wagons are something we can help with.  Design and build your own Conestoga Wagon or Prairie Schooner.  Learn how our early pioneers followed the Oregon Trail and ended up at the end of the trail in Oregon City.  We carry all the supplies to build and stock your wagon for the arduous trip.  Food, tools, weapons and farm implements are a few of the items you will need.  Get it hear at Hillsboro Hobby.

Whatever your project is, we have the materials, paint, tools and hardware to get the job done.