RC Cars & Trucks

Here at the Hillsboro Hobby Shop, we carry many of the major brands of Radio Controlled Cars, Trucks and Rock Crawlers to satisfy your individual preferences and needs. All price ranges and sizes are available. We even carry a line of cars and trucks that are water resistant, allowing you to run them in this great wet state of Oregon. When you run them in muddy or wet conditions, just rinse them off before putting them away to keep them in pristine condition.

We stock and order replacement parts for all of the top name vehicles. We have several major distributors that allow us to find out of stock parts or special order different models and get them here quickly. We like special orders!

We carry several manufacturers’ accessories, add-ons, supplies and equipment including, batteries, chargers, power supplies, adapters, bump starters, fuel, glow starters and specialized tools. For hauling and working on the cars, we have totes designed specifically for cars and work stands to work on them.

To help customize your vehicle, check out our bodies, decals, winches, tool racks, lighting systems, paints and many more products to make it uniquely your own. Performance upgrades, including tires and wheels, sway bar kits, Camber and Toe tools, and dig units are only a few of the items available to make your car or truck perform better in a variety of environments and tracks.

We have skilled staff to help identify problems and find the correct parts for your particular vehicle. We do everything from tune ups to total rebuilds. Our friendly, on staff mechanics, are skilled in discussing issues, identifying problems, and making recommendations before any repairs are done.

All work is done at a low rate, tested and guaranteed from workmanship defects, and done in a timely manner.

For any questions or unusual problems, our manufacturers’ high priority is customer support, and is only a phone call away.