Rocket Kits

Rocket Kits

Here at the Hillsboro Hobby Shop, we carry a full line of rockets, from beginner to advanced, to satisfy your individual preferences and needs.  We have ready to fly kits as well as “you build them” kits. All price ranges, skills, and sizes are available.

Rockets are a fun and safe educational family related hobby. If you ever wondered how we got to the moon, you have to get started somewhere. There is nothing like building your first rocket, taking it out to the launch site, watching it as it lifts off the launch pad, deploys its parachute and returns to earth. The process of building and launching teaches you the need for doing it right, and according to the principals of flight. Center of gravity, center of pressure, firing duration, time delay, launch curves and much more are all things that come into play.

We have skilled staff to make recommendations to help you get started with the best rocket for your age group and skill set, with appropriate engines and accessories. They will advise you on all equipment required to successfully launch your rocket.

We carry all accessories, supplies, equipment and engines, needed to build or rebuild and launch your rockets over and over again.

To help customize your rocket, check out our decals, paints, striping tape, covering materials, and many more products, to make it uniquely your own. For those who want to design and build your own, we have designer kits or materials to build from scratch. Come in and see our 12 foot giant hanging on the ceiling.

We also stock economical Educator Packs of rockets and engines for Schools and Scouts. Classes are available at the hobby shop to work with groups and teach them the building process and the science of flight. The Oregon Rocketry Club supports the classes free of charge.  

Visit us for information on local clubs and launches, or go to our links page for clubs and current launch schedules.