A-10 Warthog Snap Tite 1/72.

A-10 Warthog Snap Tite 1/72.


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  • 1/72 scale plastic kit is for static display.
  • 36 detailed gray parts that snap together - no glue necessary; no paint necessary.
  • Straight, flat wings allow the A-10 to carry a heavy load of weaponry.
  • Twin turbofan engines are mounted outside and above the rear fuselage.
  • The A-10's main weapon is the GAU-8A 30mm cannon found in the nose.
  • Weapons carried by the bulky A-10 are found under the wings on a multitude of hardpoints.
  • The A-10 pilot sits in the extreme nose of the airplane for visibility purposes; the cockpit is a single-seat area.
  • The A-10 is designed to remain flyable even if large areas have been damaged or blown off.
  • Bonus stickers are included, which can be placed anywhere on the model; decals are of the peel-and-stick variety.
  • Also included is an "Adventures Built" collector poster.
  • - SW 55 FS, SW 21 FS, A-10, two bobcat's heads, two samurai swords, two lit bombs, two shark mouths with eyes, two yellow lightning
  • bolts.