1/25 Joker Goon Car/ Gotham City Police Car

1/25 Joker Goon Car/ Gotham City Police Car


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Joker Goon Car Gotham City Police Car

There they go again, racing through the streets of Gotham City. The ugly green and purple thing is the notorious Joker Goon Car, being driven by Joker's Henchmen, and in hot pursuit are Gotham City's finest behind the wheel of a Gotham Police Car.

This kit contains instructions to build either a Joker Goon Car or a Gotham City Police Car, but it can also be built as a 1977 Dodge Monaco 4-door sedan

Features include a 440 cu. in. engine with three barrel carbs, police lights, shotgun, M-16 rifle, police radar unit, police radio, antennas, safety cage, medical kit and even a telephone 

  • Includes full-color decals 
  • Kit contains over 109 parts
  • Paint and cement not included