14.8V 8500mAh 4S 50C LiPo Battery: XT60
Gens Ace

14.8V 8500mAh 4S 50C LiPo Battery: XT60


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Ideal for the Traxxas Xmaxx 8S
Stable automatic stacking technology enables single-cell capacities
of 8500mAh




Gens Ace 4S GA-B-50C-8500-4S1P-XT60T 14.8V 50C 8500mAh LiPo Battery
with Male XT60 Plug
One Female XT60 Plug




LiPo compatible charger and charging bag




Capacity: 8500mAh
Voltage: 14.8V
Configuration: 4S1P
Discharge Rate: 50C
Max Burst Discharge Rate: 100C
Net Weight +-20g: 23.2oz (659g)
Dimensions, L, W, H: 6.1 x 1.9 x 1.6 (155 x 48 x 43mm)
Discharge Connector: XT60
Discharge Wire Length: 4.7 (120mm)
Balance Connector: JST-XHR




ALWAYS use a LiPo-approved Charger and Cell Balancer
NEVER Charge over 4.2V per cell
NEVER Charge at currents greater than 5C
NEVER Trickle Charge
NEVER allow to Discharge below 2.5V per cell
NEVER disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells
NEVER place on combustible materials or leave unattended during
ALWAYS Charge in a fireproof location
ALWAYS set chargers output volts to match battery volts
ALWAYS keep out of reach of children