Bandito ST 2.8 2WD Mounted Front C2 Black (2)

Bandito ST 2.8 2WD Mounted Front C2 Black (2)


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  • Innovative tread designs 
  • Durable, color-coded sidewall markings that simplify tire selection 
  • Unique hub pattern for improved wheel nut grip 
  • Clean, strong tire-to-wheel gluing on mounted sets 

Tire Gluing Tips 

  • Wash your hands to remove oil and grease 
  • Using Denatured alcohol or R/C spray cleaner, clean the bead area of both the tire and wheel. Avoid touching the cleaned surfaces 
  • Use specially formulated Duratrax Pit Tech Tire Glue for a lasting bond 

Care Tips for Long Tire Life 

  • Keep the inserts dry while cleaning your tires
  • Between uses, seal your tires in this bag and store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight 
  • To prevent flat spots do not store tires on your vehicle without raising its chassis off the ground