Detail Abrasive Brush

Detail Abrasive Brush


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Product Specifications

Great for detail cleaning and light sanding. Use on metal, wood, glass, aluminum and plastics. For use with the EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel or Standard 402 Mandrel.

  • Allows sanding of contours, details, and hard-to-reach areas
  • Built-in polishing compound. Rubber bristles have abrasive inside, no need for polishing compound
  • Removes exterior surface layer without damage to base layer below and removes the paint but not the wood with light pressure
  • Sand delicate surfaces
  • Get into tight contours for easy restoration
  • Clean wood, aluminum, plastic, metal, steel and vinyl
  • EZ Lock compatible, use with either EZ402 or 402 mandrels
Warranty: Product Defects Only
Description: EZ473SA Detail Abrasive Brush
Number of Pieces: 1
Color Code: Purple
Overall Length: 1
Material: Rubber
Model Number: EZ473SA
Bit Diameter Inch: N/A
Shank Diameter: 0.125
Contents: 1 Brush
Bit Diameter mm: 25.4 mm
Max. Operating RPM: Do not run in Excess of 15,000 RPM
Grit: 220, Fine
Application: Use on metal, wood, glass, aluminum and plastics
Width: 1 "

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