Slow Flyer DC Fast Charger: 7.2-8.4V

Slow Flyer DC Fast Charger: 7.2-8.4V


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Key Features

  • Small enough to fit in car glove compartment
  • 30-minute timer and alligator clip connectors
  • Compatible with nearly all of the battery packs used by slow and park flyers and other small electric aircraft
  • Will charge 6- to 7-cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs ranging in capacity from 250 to 700mAh
  • Designed for use with a 12V power supply


Located on the back of the charger is the following reference chart:
225-350mAh 7.2V - 20 minutes
225-350mAh 8.4V - 25 minutes
500-700mAh 7.2V - 40 minutes
500-700mAh 8.4V - 55 minutes