BL420 Ducted Fan Outrunner, 3800Kv

BL420 Ducted Fan Outrunner, 3800Kv


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Key Features

  • Ideal for single ducted fan models from 16 to 28 ounces or twins up to 56 ounces
  • High-torque alternative to inrunner brushless motors
  • High-quality construction with ball bearings and hardened steel shaft
  • Quiet, lightweight operation, just 2 oz (58 g)
  • Efficient operation with external radial rotor design
  • Slotted 6-pole outrunner design
  • Ideal for ducted fan models up to 325 watts

Needed To Complete

25A to 40A Brushless ESC

Ducted Fan unit (ideal for 66mm)

11.1V 2100mAh LiPo


The great performance and small size of the E-flite 420BL ducted fan motor make it a perfect match for single- and multi-ducted fan models. The high rpm per volt (3800Kv) design allows for high rpm capability on most 66mm fan units.