Aero Gain Switch

Aero Gain Switch


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Intended for use with Piezo gyros in model airplanes, the Aero-Gain switch is designed to allow the gyro to be turned on and off from the transmitter, thus, creating an Aero-Gyro system. The Aero-Gyro system's compact size and low weight make it ideal for use in all sizes of model airplanes. It can be used to dampen movement in yaw (rudder) axis and is ideal for helping with takeoffs on scale and jet models, as well as improving aerobatics in performance models. With the installation of two gyro system, the pitch (elevator) axis can also be dampened to further improve aerobatics, as well as help in hovering maneuvers such as torque rolls. A third gyro system can be added to roll (aileron) axis to dampen the effects of wind and steady the wings.