Heavy Duty Diff Case: 8, 8T, LST2

Heavy Duty Diff Case: 8, 8T, LST2


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Key Features

  • Fits the Losi 8IGHT, 8IGHT-T and LST2
  • Metal inserts withstand tough monster truck bashing
  • Made of heat-resistant durable metal
  • Press fit keeps differential pins from beating against the case

Compatible Products

Losi Heavy-Duty Differential Case: 8IGHT, 8IGHT-T, LST2, XXL/2, LST 3XL-E LOSB3528 is compatible with LOS04002, LOS04003, LOS04015, LOSA3600, LOSA3601, LOSA3602, LOSA3603, LOSB0084, LOSB0085

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