Racing Clutch Bell 14T (MOD1)

Racing Clutch Bell 14T (MOD1)


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The HPI Racing Clutch Bells for the Savage monster trucks are made from high strength machined steel and hardened for maximum durability to provide lasting performance in any driving conditions.

These Clutch Bells can be used with the stock Savage Spur Gears, and they are a mandatory upgrade when using HPI Steel Spur Gears. Machined holes help keep the weight down for quick acceleration, and the holes also help cool the clutch shoes for consistent performance. Each gear is stamped with the number of teeth for easy identification.

The Racing Clutch Bell is available in different teeth numbers, giving racers and bashers the choice to adjust the gear ratio to the terrain for optimum performance.

The more teeth on the clutch bell (or fewer the teeth on the spur gear) the more top speed with slightly reduced acceleration, ideal for smooth surfaces or longer straights. The fewer number of teeth on the clutch bell (or the higher number of teeth on the spur gear) better the acceleration and torque with slightly less top speed, ideal for rough terrain, steep hills or short tracks with tight corners.

The perfect match for the HPI Racing clutch bells are the HPI Steel Spur Gear Sets for the Savage. Both together will make the drive train last almost forever.

The HPI machined Racing Clutch Bells can also be used on the MT-2 and Rush Evo in combination with the following additional option parts:
#B021 Ball Bearing 5x10x4mm (2pcs)
#86045 Engine Mount 20mm (purple)

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