Skydog Jammin' Sport

Skydog Jammin' Sport


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The Jammin' will unlock your freestyle potential! An affordable yet high performance mid size trickster that is fun to fly no matter your skill level. Excellent build quality, 6mm carbon frame on a ripstop nylon sail with all
extras you find on slack line dual line trick kites twice its price! Complete with Ready to Fly Dyneema line set on winder with fly straps, this kite can do anything higher priced sport kites can do with less impact on your budget.


  • Dimensions: 86" x 37"
  • Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail/6mm Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Wind Range: 3-18mph
  • Line Set: 150lb / 80' (70kg/25m) Dyneema on winder with fly straps <
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