Power Lithium Battery 15C

Power Lithium Battery 15C


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Venom's new Lithium Polymer (LiPO) batteries have 15c and 20c high discharge rates perfect for high performance airplanes and helicopters. They come in over 12 sizes and capacities to fit hundreds of different applications. In testing, these battery packs demonstrated cool running temperatures (70°F - 140°F) while releasing their maximum capacities. They also have up to 94% capacity discharge at maximum rated output (20c). Venom’s LiPO batteries feature a balance plug for checking individual cell voltages and balancing. This feature is perfect for our upcoming LiPO Balance Charger to be released soon! [VEN-1575 1550mah LiPO battery pack shown]
Each LiPO comes with the most up to date instructions covering important information needed for safe LiPO use, charging and disposal of LiPO batteries. All critical information is clearly displayed on the front decal of the battery, including maximum current draw, charge rate and minimum and maximum voltage.

• 15c 3s 2200mah
• Charge Rate: 2.2A (1C)
• Discharge Rate: 33A
• Max Volts Per Cell: 4.2V
• Max Pack Voltage: 12.6V
• Min Discharge Volts: 9.0V
• Length: 145mm/5.7in
• Width: 35mm/1.38in
• Thickness: 20mm/.79in
• Weight: 246g/8.8oz